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Empty gallery! For seven years (2006-2012) I roamed streets, abandoned buildings, and forgotten corners of Copenhagen documenting all street art and graf that I found interesting, which was a lot. Along the way photos were uploaded to the web site, but as there was only room for 200 photos the selection was always limited. Some day I hope to be able to share all these photos online, and some of them perhaps even in book format. Minor update: (2014-03) I'm looking for a web site that will host all my Street Art/Graf photos. It is almost 4,000 photos (around 12 GB). I'd like to make these photos avilable here, but I'm unable to pay for that much space (and associated bandwith) - so I will be willing to consider some form of 'free'/'stock'/CC-license in exchange for the server space. Once I find that, I'll start uploading. Oh, before you suggest so: I don't want to use Facebook for my photos, and I'm not happy about Google/Yahoo/Microsoft either. An European firm with no US ties will be preferred, all else equal.